Phone System

What makes or breaks most sales will be the all-powerful phone conversation. Faster, streamlined telephony is essential for sales, support and retention. Let your support and sales team use the best call center developments bundled into Bnology Phone system.

Our business phone system offers full customization and will save you money while improving your core operation.

Our key features include:

Warm Transfer

Allow your agent to consult with a new agent before handing off, to confirm the receiving agent is available to assist.

Call Control Console

Mute and unmute as needed. Place a caller on hold from the call console to consult with another agent or track down additional information required for the call.

Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls for fast reference, troubleshooting, QA and monitoring.

Caller History and ID

Quickly reference customer details, including full interaction history from emails, chats and other channels, for seamless support.

IVR Systems

Route clients to the right agent or department while providing recorded responses for frequently asked questions with multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

Group Routing

Directs calls to specific groups or a set of groups, so that callers are connected with the right agent.

Round-robin Routing

Ensure that all calls are routed to an available agent as opposed to being lost or sent to voicemail and evenly sent among support team members.

Call Queues

Set your maximum wait-time and queue size to decide how many incoming callers will be kept waiting for an available agent.

Business Hours

Set your business hours to let customers know the availability of your phone support. Calls received outside of business hours are sent to voicemail.

Callback from Queue

Lets clients request a callback instead of waiting in a queue for a live agent.